lang_main.php [English] * ------------------- * begin : Sat Dec 16 2000 * copyright : (C) 2001 The phpBB Group * email : * modification : (C) 2003 Przemo * date modification : ver. 1.12.4 2005/12/10 1:14 * ****************************************************************************/ /*************************************************************************** * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by * the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or * (at your option) any later version. ***************************************************************************/ // // CONTRIBUTORS: // Add your details here if wanted, e.g. Name, username, email address, website // 2002-08-27 Philip M. White - fixed many grammar problems // // // The format of this file is ---> $lang['message'] = 'text'; // // You should also try to set a locale and a character encoding (plus direction). The encoding and direction // will be sent to the template. The locale may or may not work, it's dependent on OS support and the syntax // varies ... give it your best guess! // $lang['ENCODING'] = 'iso-8859-1'; $lang['DIRECTION'] = 'ltr'; $lang['DATE_FORMAT'] = 'd M Y'; // This should be changed to the default date format for your language, php date() format // This is optional, if you would like a _SHORT_ message output // along with our copyright message indicating you are the translator // please add it here. // $lang['TRANSLATION'] = ''; // // Common, these terms are used // extensively on several pages // $lang['Forum'] = 'Forum'; $lang['Category'] = 'Category'; $lang['Topic'] = 'Topic'; $lang['Topics'] = 'Topics'; $lang['Last_Topics'] = 'Last topics on main page'; $lang['TopicsRecent'] = "Recent Topics"; $lang['TopicsPopular'] = "Popular Topics (by reply)"; $lang['TopicsPopularView'] = "Popular Topics (by view)"; $lang['Replies'] = 'Replies'; $lang['Views'] = 'Views'; $lang['Post'] = 'Post'; $lang['Posts'] = 'Posts'; $lang['Posted'] = 'Posted'; $lang['Username'] = 'Username'; $lang['Password'] = 'Password'; $lang['Email'] = 'Email'; $lang['Poster'] = 'Poster'; $lang['Author'] = 'Author'; $lang['Time'] = 'Time'; $lang['Hours'] = 'Hours'; $lang['Message'] = 'Message'; $lang['1_Day'] = '1 Day'; $lang['7_Days'] = '7 Days'; $lang['2_Weeks'] = '2 Weeks'; $lang['1_Month'] = '1 Month'; $lang['3_Months'] = '3 Months'; $lang['6_Months'] = '6 Months'; $lang['1_Year'] = '1 Year'; $lang['Jump_to'] = 'Jump to'; $lang['Submit'] = 'Submit'; $lang['Reset'] = 'Reset'; $lang['Cancel'] = 'Cancel'; $lang['Preview'] = 'Preview'; $lang['Confirm'] = 'Confirm'; $lang['Yes'] = 'Yes'; $lang['No'] = 'No'; $lang['Enabled'] = 'Enabled'; $lang['Disabled'] = 'Disabled'; $lang['Error'] = 'Error'; $lang['Next'] = 'Next'; $lang['Previous'] = 'Previous'; $lang['Goto_page'] = 'Goto page'; $lang['Joined'] = 'Joined'; $lang['IP_Address'] = 'IP Address'; $lang['Select_forum'] = 'Select a forum'; $lang['View_newest_post'] = 'View newest post'; $lang['Page_of'] = 'Page %d of %d'; // Replaces with: Page 1 of 2 for example $lang['ICQ'] = 'ICQ Number'; $lang['AIM'] = 'Number Gadu-Gadu'; $lang['MSNM'] = 'MSN Messenger'; $lang['YIM'] = 'Yahoo Messenger'; $lang['Forum_Index'] = '%s Forum Index'; // eg. sitename Forum Index, %s can be removed if you prefer $lang['Post_new_topic'] = 'Post new topic'; $lang['Reply_to_topic'] = 'Reply to topic'; $lang['Reply_with_quote'] = 'Reply with quote'; $lang['Click_return_topic'] = 'Click %sHere%s to return to the topic'; // %s's here are for uris, do not remove! $lang['Click_return_forum'] = 'Click %sHere%s to return to the forum'; $lang['Click_view_message'] = 'Click %sHere%s to view your message'; $lang['Click_return_group'] = 'Click %sHere%s to return to group information'; $lang['Admin_panel'] = 'Go to Administration Panel'; $lang['Board_disable'] = 'This board is currently unavailable.'; // // Global Header strings // $lang['Registered_users'] = 'Registered Users:'; $lang['Browsing_forum'] = 'Users browsing this forum:'; $lang['Online_users_zero_total'] = 'In total there are 0 users online :: '; $lang['Online_users_total'] = 'In total there are %d users online :: '; $lang['Online_user_total'] = 'In total there is %d user online :: '; $lang['Reg_users_zero_total'] = '0 Registered, '; $lang['Reg_users_total'] = '%d Registered, '; $lang['Reg_user_total'] = '%d Registered, '; $lang['Hidden_users_zero_total'] = '0 Hidden and '; $lang['Hidden_user_total'] = '%d Hidden and '; $lang['Hidden_users_total'] = '%d Hidden and '; $lang['Guest_users_zero_total'] = '0 Guests'; $lang['Guest_users_total'] = '%d Guests'; $lang['Guest_user_total'] = '%d Guest'; $lang['Record_online_users'] = 'Most users ever online was %s on %s'; // first %s = number of users, second %s is the date. $lang['Admin_online_color'] = 'Administrator'; $lang['Mod_online_color'] = 'Moderator'; $lang['You_last_visit'] = 'You last visited on %s'; // %s replaced by date/time $lang['Current_time'] = 'The time now is %s'; // %s replaced by time $lang['Search_your_posts'] = 'View your posts'; $lang['Search_unanswered'] = 'View unanswered posts'; $lang['Register'] = 'Register'; $lang['Profile'] = 'Profile'; $lang['Edit_profile'] = 'Edit your profile'; $lang['Search'] = 'Search'; $lang['Memberlist'] = 'Memberlist'; $lang['FAQ'] = 'FAQ'; $lang['BBCode_guide'] = 'BBCode Guide'; $lang['Usergroups'] = 'Usergroups'; $lang['Last_Post'] = 'Last Post'; $lang['Moderator'] = 'Moderator'; $lang['Moderators'] = 'Moderators'; // // Stats block text // $lang['Posted_articles_zero_total'] = 'Our users have posted a total of 0 articles'; // Number of posts $lang['Posted_articles_total'] = 'Our users have posted a total of %d articles'; // Number of posts $lang['Posted_article_total'] = 'Our users have posted a total of %d article'; // Number of posts $lang['Registered_users_zero_total'] = 'We have 0 registered users'; // # registered users $lang['Registered_users_total'] = 'We have %d registered users'; // # registered users $lang['Registered_user_total'] = 'We have %d registered user'; // # registered users $lang['Newest_user'] = 'The newest registered user is %s%s%s'; // a href, username, /a $lang['No_new_posts'] = 'No new posts'; $lang['New_posts'] = 'New posts'; $lang['New_post'] = 'New post'; $lang['No_new_posts_hot'] = 'No new posts [ Popular ]'; $lang['New_posts_hot'] = 'New posts [ Popular ]'; $lang['No_new_posts_locked'] = 'No new posts [ Locked ]'; $lang['New_posts_locked'] = 'New posts [ Locked ]'; $lang['Forum_is_locked'] = 'Forum is locked'; // // Login // $lang['Login'] = 'Log in'; $lang['Logout'] = 'Log out'; $lang['Forgotten_password'] = 'I forgot my password'; $lang['Log_me_in'] = 'Log me on automatically each visit'; // // Index page // $lang['No_Posts'] = 'No Posts'; $lang['No_forums'] = 'This board has no forums'; $lang['Private_Message'] = 'Private Message'; $lang['Private_Messages'] = 'Private Messages'; $lang['Who_is_Online'] = 'Who is Online'; $lang['Mark_all_forums'] = 'Mark all forums read'; $lang['Forums_marked_read'] = 'All forums have been marked read'; // // Viewforum // $lang['View_forum'] = 'View Forum'; $lang['Forum_not_exist'] = 'The forum you selected does not exist.'; $lang['Display_topics'] = 'Display topics from previous'; $lang['Topic_Announcement'] = 'Announcement:'; $lang['Topic_Sticky'] = 'Sticky:'; $lang['Topic_Moved'] = 'Moved:'; $lang['Topic_Poll'] = '[ Poll ]'; $lang['Mark_all_topics'] = 'Mark all topics read'; $lang['Topics_marked_read'] = 'The topics for this forum have now been marked read'; $lang['Rules_post_can'] = 'You can post new topics in this forum'; $lang['Rules_post_cannot'] = 'You cannot post new topics in this forum'; $lang['Rules_reply_can'] = 'You can reply to topics in this forum'; $lang['Rules_reply_cannot'] = 'You cannot reply to topics in this forum'; $lang['Rules_edit_can'] = 'You can edit your posts in this forum'; $lang['Rules_edit_cannot'] = 'You cannot edit your posts in this forum'; $lang['Rules_delete_can'] = 'You can delete your posts in this forum'; $lang['Rules_delete_cannot'] = 'You cannot delete your posts in this forum'; $lang['Rules_vote_can'] = 'You can vote in polls in this forum'; $lang['Rules_vote_cannot'] = 'You cannot vote in polls in this forum'; $lang['Rules_moderate'] = 'You can %smoderate this forum%s'; // %s replaced by a href links, do not remove! $lang['No_topics_post_one'] = 'There are no posts in this forum.
Click on the Post New Topic link on this page to post one.'; $lang['No_topics_post_one_ignore'] = 'There are no topics which are not ignored, click "Show ignore topics" link to see all topics'; // // Viewtopic // $lang['View_topic'] = 'View topic'; $lang['Guest'] = 'Guest'; $lang['Post_subject'] = 'Post subject'; $lang['View_next_topic'] = 'Next topic'; $lang['View_previous_topic'] = 'Previous topic'; $lang['Submit_vote'] = 'Submit Vote'; $lang['View_results'] = 'View Results'; $lang['No_newer_topics'] = 'There are no newer topics in this forum'; $lang['No_older_topics'] = 'There are no older topics in this forum'; $lang['No_posts_topic'] = 'No posts exist for this topic'; $lang['Display_posts'] = 'Display posts from previous'; $lang['All_Posts'] = 'All Posts'; $lang['Newest_First'] = 'Newest First'; $lang['Oldest_First'] = 'Oldest First'; $lang['Back_to_top'] = 'Back to top'; $lang['Read_profile'] = 'View user\'s profile'; $lang['Visit_website'] = 'Visit poster\'s website'; $lang['Edit_delete_post'] = 'Edit/Delete this post'; $lang['View_IP'] = 'View IP address of poster'; $lang['Delete_post'] = 'Delete this post'; $lang['wrote'] = 'wrote'; // proceeds the username and is followed by the quoted text $lang['Quote'] = 'Quote'; // comes before bbcode quote output. $lang['Code'] = 'Code'; // comes before bbcode code output. $lang['Edited_time_total'] = 'Last edited by %s on %s; edited %d time in total'; // Last edited by me on 12 Oct 2001; edited 1 time in total $lang['Edited_times_total'] = 'Last edited by %s on %s; edited %d times in total'; // Last edited by me on 12 Oct 2001; edited 2 times in total $lang['Lock_topic'] = 'Lock this topic'; $lang['Unlock_topic'] = 'Unlock this topic'; $lang['Move_topic'] = 'Move this topic'; $lang['Delete_topic'] = 'Delete this topic'; $lang['Split_topic'] = 'Split this topic'; $lang['Stop_watching_topic'] = 'Stop watching this topic'; $lang['Start_watching_topic'] = 'Watch this topic for replies'; $lang['No_longer_watching'] = 'You are no longer watching this topic'; $lang['You_are_watching'] = 'You are now watching this topic'; $lang['Total_votes'] = 'Total Votes'; // // Posting/Replying (Not private messaging!) // $lang['Message_body'] = 'Message body'; $lang['Topic_review'] = 'Topic review'; $lang['No_post_mode'] = 'No post mode specified'; $lang['Post_a_new_topic'] = 'Post a new topic'; $lang['Post_a_reply'] = 'Post a reply'; $lang['Post_topic_as'] = 'Post topic as'; $lang['Edit_Post'] = 'Edit post'; $lang['Options'] = 'Options'; $lang['Post_Announcement'] = 'Announcement'; $lang['Post_Sticky'] = 'Sticky'; $lang['Post_Normal'] = 'Normal'; $lang['Confirm_delete'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete this post?'; $lang['Confirm_delete_poll'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete this poll?'; $lang['Flood_Error'] = 'You cannot make another post so soon after your last; please try again in a short while.'; $lang['Empty_subject'] = 'You must specify a subject when posting a new topic.'; $lang['Empty_message'] = 'You must enter a message when posting.'; $lang['Forum_locked'] = 'This forum is locked: you cannot post, reply to, or edit topics.'; $lang['Topic_locked'] = 'This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies.'; $lang['No_topic_id'] = 'You must select a topic to reply to'; $lang['No_valid_mode'] = 'You can only post, reply, edit, or quote messages. Please return and try again.'; $lang['No_such_post'] = 'There is no such post or topic. Please return and try again.'; $lang['Edit_own_posts'] = 'Sorry, but you can only edit your own posts.'; $lang['Delete_own_posts'] = 'Sorry, but you can only delete your own posts.'; $lang['Cannot_delete_replied'] = 'Sorry, but you may not delete posts that have been replied to.'; $lang['Cannot_delete_poll'] = 'Sorry, but you cannot delete an active poll.'; $lang['Empty_poll_title'] = 'You must enter a title for your poll.'; $lang['To_few_poll_options'] = 'You must enter at least two poll options.'; $lang['To_many_poll_options'] = 'You have tried to enter too many poll options.'; $lang['Already_voted'] = 'You have already voted in this poll.'; $lang['No_vote_option'] = 'You must specify an option when voting.'; $lang['Add_poll'] = 'Add a Poll'; $lang['Add_poll_explain'] = 'If you do not want to add a poll to your topic, leave the fields blank.'; $lang['Poll_question'] = 'Poll question'; $lang['Poll_option'] = 'Poll option'; $lang['Add_option'] = 'Add option'; $lang['Update'] = 'Update'; $lang['Delete'] = 'Delete'; $lang['Poll_for'] = 'Run poll for'; $lang['Days'] = 'Days'; $lang['Poll_for_explain'] = '[ Enter 0 or leave blank for a never ending poll ]'; $lang['Delete_poll'] = 'Delete Poll'; $lang['Disable_HTML_post'] = 'Disable HTML in this post'; $lang['Disable_BBCode_post'] = 'Disable BBCode in this post'; $lang['Disable_Smilies_post'] = 'Disable Smilies in this post'; $lang['HTML_is_ON'] = 'HTML is ON'; $lang['HTML_is_OFF'] = 'HTML is OFF'; $lang['BBCode_is_ON'] = '%sBBCode%s is ON'; $lang['BBCode_is_OFF'] = '%sBBCode%s is OFF'; $lang['Smilies_are_ON'] = 'Smilies are ON'; $lang['Smilies_are_OFF'] = 'Smilies are OFF'; $lang['Attach_signature'] = 'Attach signature (signatures can be changed in profile)'; $lang['Notify'] = 'Notify me when a reply is posted'; $lang['Stored'] = 'Your message has been entered successfully.'; $lang['Deleted'] = 'Your message has been deleted successfully.'; $lang['Poll_delete'] = 'Your poll has been deleted successfully.'; $lang['Vote_cast'] = 'Your vote has been cast.'; $lang['Topic_reply_notification'] = 'Topic Reply Notification'; $lang['bbcode_b_help'] = 'Bold text: [b]text[/b] (alt+b)'; $lang['bbcode_i_help'] = 'Italic text: [i]text[/i] (alt+i)'; $lang['bbcode_u_help'] = 'Underline text: [u]text[/u] (alt+u)'; $lang['bbcode_q_help'] = 'Quote text: [quote]text[/quote] (alt+q)'; $lang['bbcode_c_help'] = 'Code display: [code]code[/code] (alt+c)'; $lang['bbcode_l_help'] = 'List: [list]text[/list] (alt+l)'; $lang['bbcode_o_help'] = 'Ordered list: [list=]text[/list] (alt+o)'; $lang['bbcode_p_help'] = 'Insert image: [img]http://image_url[/img] (alt+p)'; $lang['bbcode_w_help'] = 'Insert URL: [url]http://url[/url] or [url=http://url]URL text[/url] (alt+w)'; $lang['bbcode_a_help'] = 'Close all open bbCode tags'; $lang['bbcode_s_help'] = 'Font color: [color=red]text[/color] Tip: you can also use color=#FF0000'; $lang['bbcode_f_help'] = 'Font size: [size=x-small]small text[/size]'; $lang['Emoticons'] = 'Emoticons'; $lang['More_emoticons'] = 'View more Emoticons'; $lang['Font_color'] = 'Font colour'; $lang['color_default'] = 'Default'; $lang['color_dark_red'] = 'Dark Red'; $lang['color_red'] = 'Red'; $lang['color_orange'] = 'Orange'; $lang['color_brown'] = 'Brown'; $lang['color_yellow'] = 'Yellow'; $lang['color_green'] = 'Green'; $lang['color_olive'] = 'Olive'; $lang['color_cyan'] = 'Cyan'; $lang['color_blue'] = 'Blue'; $lang['color_dark_blue'] = 'Dark Blue'; $lang['color_indigo'] = 'Indigo'; $lang['color_violet'] = 'Violet'; $lang['color_white'] = 'White'; $lang['color_black'] = 'Black'; $lang['Font_size'] = 'Font size'; $lang['font_tiny'] = 'Tiny'; $lang['font_small'] = 'Small'; $lang['font_normal'] = 'Normal'; $lang['font_large'] = 'Large'; $lang['font_huge'] = 'Huge'; $lang['Close_Tags'] = 'Close Tags'; $lang['Styles_tip'] = 'Tip: Styles can be applied quickly to selected text'; // // Private Messaging // $lang['Private_Messaging'] = 'Private Messaging'; $lang['Login_check_pm'] = 'Log in to check your private messages'; $lang['New_pms'] = 'You have %d *new* messages'; $lang['New_pm'] = 'You have %d *new* message'; $lang['No_new_pm'] = 'You have no new messages'; $lang['Unread_pms'] = 'You have %d unread messages'; $lang['Unread_pm'] = 'You have %d unread message'; $lang['No_unread_pm'] = 'You have no unread messages'; $lang['You_new_pm'] = 'A new private message is waiting for you in your Inbox'; $lang['You_new_pms'] = 'New private messages are waiting for you in your Inbox'; $lang['You_no_new_pm'] = 'No new private messages are waiting for you'; $lang['Unread_message'] = 'Unread message'; $lang['Read_message'] = 'Read message'; $lang['Read_pm'] = 'Read message'; $lang['Post_new_pm'] = 'Post message'; $lang['Post_reply_pm'] = 'Reply to message'; $lang['Post_quote_pm'] = 'Quote message'; $lang['Edit_pm'] = 'Edit message'; $lang['Inbox'] = 'Inbox'; $lang['Outbox'] = 'Outbox'; $lang['Savebox'] = 'Savebox'; $lang['Sentbox'] = 'Sentbox'; $lang['Flag'] = 'Flag'; $lang['Subject'] = 'Subject'; $lang['From'] = 'From'; $lang['To'] = 'To'; $lang['Date'] = 'Date'; $lang['Mark'] = 'Mark'; $lang['Sent'] = 'Sent'; $lang['Saved'] = 'Saved'; $lang['Delete_marked'] = 'Delete Marked'; $lang['Delete_all'] = 'Delete All'; $lang['Save_marked'] = 'Save Marked'; $lang['Save_message'] = 'Save Message'; $lang['Delete_message'] = 'Delete Message'; $lang['Display_messages'] = 'Display messages from previous'; $lang['All_Messages'] = 'All Messages'; $lang['No_messages_folder'] = 'You have no messages in this folder'; $lang['PM_disabled'] = 'Private messaging has been disabled on this board.'; $lang['Cannot_send_privmsg'] = 'Sorry, but the administrator has prevented you from sending private messages.'; $lang['No_to_user'] = 'You must specify a username to whom to send this message.'; $lang['Disable_HTML_pm'] = 'Disable HTML in this message'; $lang['Disable_BBCode_pm'] = 'Disable BBCode in this message'; $lang['Disable_Smilies_pm'] = 'Disable Smilies in this message'; $lang['Message_sent'] = 'Your message has been sent.'; $lang['Click_return_inbox'] = 'Click %sHere%s to return to your Inbox'; $lang['Click_return_index'] = 'Click %sHere%s to return to the Index'; $lang['Send_a_new_message'] = 'Send a new private message'; $lang['Send_a_reply'] = 'Reply to a private message'; $lang['Edit_message'] = 'Edit private message'; $lang['Notification_subject'] = 'New Private Message has arrived'; $lang['Find_username'] = 'Find a username'; $lang['Find'] = 'Find'; $lang['No_match'] = 'No matches found.'; $lang['No_post_id'] = 'No post ID was specified'; $lang['No_such_folder'] = 'No such folder exists'; $lang['Mark_all'] = 'Mark all'; $lang['Unmark_all'] = 'Unmark all'; $lang['Confirm_delete_pm'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete this message?'; $lang['Confirm_delete_pms'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete these messages?'; $lang['Inbox_size'] = 'Your Inbox is %d%% full'; $lang['Sentbox_size'] = 'Your Sentbox is %d%% full'; $lang['Savebox_size'] = 'Your Savebox is %d%% full'; $lang['Click_view_privmsg'] = 'Click %sHere%s to visit your Inbox'; $lang['Block_Arcade_pm'] = 'Block PM\'s from the Arcade'; // // Profiles/Registration // $lang['Preferences'] = 'Preferences'; $lang['Website'] = 'Website'; $lang['Location'] = 'Location'; $lang['Email_address'] = 'E-mail address'; $lang['Send_private_message'] = 'Send private message'; $lang['Interests'] = 'Interests'; $lang['Poster_rank'] = 'Poster rank'; $lang['Total_posts'] = 'Total posts'; $lang['User_post_pct_stats'] = '%.2f%% of total'; $lang['User_post_day_stats'] = '%.2f posts per day'; $lang['Search_user_posts'] = 'Find all posts by %s'; $lang['No_user_id_specified'] = 'That user does not exist.'; $lang['Date_format'] = 'Date format'; $lang['Confirm_password'] = 'Confirm password'; $lang['Avatar'] = 'Avatar'; $lang['No_user_specified'] = 'No user was specified'; $lang['Flood_email_limit'] = 'You cannot send another e-mail at this time. Try again later.'; $lang['Email_sent'] = 'The e-mail has been sent.'; $lang['Send_email'] = 'Send e-mail'; $lang['Empty_subject_email'] = 'You must specify a subject for the e-mail.'; $lang['Empty_message_email'] = 'You must enter a message to be e-mailed.'; // // Memberslist // $lang['Select_sort_method'] = 'Select sort method'; $lang['Sort'] = 'Sort'; $lang['Sort_Top_Ten'] = 'Top ten posters'; $lang['Sort_Joined'] = 'Joined date'; $lang['Sort_Username'] = 'Username'; $lang['Sort_Ascending'] = 'Ascending'; $lang['Sort_Descending'] = 'Descending'; // // Group control panel // $lang['Group_Control_Panel'] = 'Group Control Panel'; $lang['Group_member_details'] = 'Group Membership Details'; $lang['Group_Information'] = 'Group Information'; $lang['Group_name'] = 'Group name'; $lang['Group_description'] = 'Group description'; $lang['Group_membership'] = 'Group membership'; $lang['Group_Members'] = 'Group Members'; $lang['Group_Moderator'] = 'Group Moderator'; $lang['Pending_members'] = 'Pending Members'; $lang['Group_type'] = 'Group type'; $lang['Group_open'] = 'Open group'; $lang['Group_closed'] = 'Closed group'; $lang['Group_hidden'] = 'Hidden group'; $lang['Memberships_pending'] = 'Memberships pending'; $lang['No_groups_exist'] = 'No Groups Exist'; $lang['Group_not_exist'] = 'That user group does not exist'; $lang['Join_group'] = 'Join Group'; $lang['No_group_members'] = 'This group has no members'; $lang['Group_hidden_members'] = 'This group is hidden, you cannot view its membership'; $lang['Group_joined'] = 'You have successfully subscribed to this group.
You will be notified when your subscription is approved by the group moderator'; $lang['Group_request'] = 'A request to join your group %s has been made.'; $lang['Group_added'] = 'You have been added to usergroup %s.'; $lang['Already_member_group'] = 'You are already a member of this group'; $lang['User_is_member_group'] = 'User is already a member of this group'; $lang['Group_type_updated'] = 'Successfully updated group type.'; $lang['Could_not_anon_user'] = 'You cannot make Anonymous a group member.'; $lang['Confirm_unsub'] = 'Are you sure you want to unsubscribe from this group?'; $lang['Confirm_unsub_pending'] = 'Your subscription to this group has not yet been approved, are you sure you want to unsubscribe?'; $lang['Unsub_success'] = 'You have been un-subscribed from this group.'; $lang['Approve_selected'] = 'Approve Selected'; $lang['Deny_selected'] = 'Deny Selected'; $lang['Remove_selected'] = 'Remove Selected'; $lang['Add_member'] = 'Add Member'; $lang['Not_group_moderator'] = 'You are not this group\'s moderator, therefore you cannot perform that action.'; $lang['Login_to_join'] = 'Log in to join or manage group memberships'; $lang['This_open_group'] = 'This is an open group, click to request membership'; $lang['Member_this_group'] = 'You are a member of this group'; $lang['Pending_this_group'] = 'Your membership of this group is pending'; $lang['Are_group_moderator'] = 'You are the group moderator'; $lang['None'] = 'None'; $lang['Unsubscribe'] = 'Unsubscribe'; $lang['View_Information'] = 'View Information'; // // Search // $lang['Search_query'] = 'Search Query'; $lang['Search_options'] = 'Search Options'; $lang['Search_keywords'] = 'Search for Keywords'; $lang['Search_keywords_explain'] = 'You can use AND to define words which must be in the results, OR to define words which may be in the result and NOT to define words which should not be in the result. Use * as a wildcard for partial matches
To search phrase embrance it in the "quotation"'; $lang['Search_author'] = 'Search for Author'; $lang['Search_author_explain'] = 'Use * as a wildcard for partial matches'; $lang['Search_for_any'] = 'Search for any terms or use query as entered'; $lang['Search_for_all'] = 'Search for all terms'; $lang['Search_title_msg'] = 'Search topic title, explain and message text'; $lang['Search_msg_only'] = 'Search message text only'; $lang['Search_title_only'] = 'Search topic title only'; $lang['Search_title_e_only'] = 'Search topic explain only'; $lang['Return_first'] = 'Return first'; $lang['characters_posts'] = 'characters of posts'; $lang['Search_previous'] = 'Search previous'; $lang['Sort_by'] = 'Sort by'; $lang['Sort_Time'] = 'Post time'; $lang['Sort_Topic_Title'] = 'Topic title'; $lang['Display_results'] = 'Display results as'; $lang['All_available'] = 'All available'; $lang['No_searchable_forums'] = 'You do not have permissions to search any forum on this site'; $lang['No_search_match'] = 'No topics or posts met your search criteria'; $lang['Found_search_match'] = 'Search found %d match'; $lang['Found_search_matches'] = 'Search found %d matches'; $lang['Close_window'] = 'Close Window'; // // Auth related entries // // Note the %s will be replaced with one of the following 'user' arrays $lang['Sorry_auth_announce'] = 'Sorry, but only %s can post announcements in this forum.'; $lang['Sorry_auth_sticky'] = 'Sorry, but only %s can post sticky messages in this forum.'; $lang['Sorry_auth_read'] = 'Sorry, but only %s can read topics in this forum.'; $lang['Sorry_auth_delete'] = 'Sorry, but only %s can delete posts in this forum.'; $lang['Sorry_auth_post'] = 'Sorry, but only %s can post topics in this forum.'; $lang['Sorry_auth_reply'] = 'Sorry, but only %s can reply to posts in this forum.'; $lang['Sorry_auth_edit'] = 'Sorry, but only %s can edit posts in this forum.'; $lang['Sorry_auth_vote'] = 'Sorry, but only %s can vote in polls in this forum.'; // These replace the %s in the above strings $lang['Auth_Registered_Users'] = 'registered users'; $lang['Auth_Users_granted_access'] = 'users granted special access'; $lang['Auth_Moderators'] = 'moderators'; $lang['Auth_Administrators'] = 'administrators'; $lang['Not_Authorised'] = 'Not Authorised'; $lang['You_been_banned'] = 'You have been banned from this forum.
Please contact the webmaster or board administrator for more information.'; // // Viewonline // $lang['Reg_users_zero_online'] = 'There are 0 Registered users and '; $lang['Reg_users_online'] = 'There are %d Registered users and '; $lang['Reg_user_online'] = 'There is %d Registered user and '; $lang['Hidden_users_zero_online'] = '0 Hidden users online'; $lang['Hidden_users_online'] = '%d Hidden users online'; $lang['Hidden_user_online'] = '%d Hidden user online'; $lang['Guest_users_online'] = 'There are %d Guest users online'; $lang['Guest_users_zero_online'] = 'There are 0 Guest users online'; $lang['Guest_user_online'] = 'There is %d Guest user online'; $lang['No_users_browsing'] = 'There are no users currently browsing this forum'; $lang['Online_explain'] = ''; $lang['Forum_Location'] = 'Forum Location'; $lang['Last_updated'] = 'Last Updated'; $lang['Forum_index'] = 'Forum index'; $lang['Logging_on'] = 'Logging on'; $lang['Posting_message'] = 'Posting a message'; $lang['Searching_forums'] = 'Searching forums'; $lang['Viewing_profile'] = 'Viewing profile'; $lang['Viewing_online'] = 'Viewing who is online'; $lang['Viewing_member_list'] = 'Viewing member list'; $lang['Viewing_priv_msgs'] = 'Viewing Private Messages'; $lang['Viewing_FAQ'] = 'Viewing FAQ'; // // Moderator Control Panel // $lang['Select'] = 'Select'; $lang['Move'] = 'Move'; $lang['Lock'] = 'Lock'; $lang['Unlock'] = 'Unlock'; $lang['Topics_Moved'] = 'The selected topics have been moved.'; // // Timezones ... for display on each page // $lang['datetime']['Sunday'] = 'Sunday'; $lang['datetime']['Monday'] = 'Monday'; $lang['datetime']['Tuesday'] = 'Tuesday'; $lang['datetime']['Wednesday'] = 'Wednesday'; $lang['datetime']['Thursday'] = 'Thursday'; $lang['datetime']['Friday'] = 'Friday'; $lang['datetime']['Saturday'] = 'Saturday'; $lang['datetime']['Sun'] = 'Sun'; $lang['datetime']['Mon'] = 'Mon'; $lang['datetime']['Tue'] = 'Tue'; $lang['datetime']['Wed'] = 'Wed'; $lang['datetime']['Thu'] = 'Thu'; $lang['datetime']['Fri'] = 'Fri'; $lang['datetime']['Sat'] = 'Sat'; $lang['datetime']['January'] = 'January'; $lang['datetime']['February'] = 'February'; $lang['datetime']['March'] = 'March'; $lang['datetime']['April'] = 'April'; $lang['datetime']['May'] = 'May'; $lang['datetime']['June'] = 'June'; $lang['datetime']['July'] = 'July'; $lang['datetime']['August'] = 'August'; $lang['datetime']['September'] = 'September'; $lang['datetime']['October'] = 'October'; $lang['datetime']['November'] = 'November'; $lang['datetime']['December'] = 'December'; $lang['datetime']['Jan'] = 'Jan'; $lang['datetime']['Feb'] = 'Feb'; $lang['datetime']['Mar'] = 'Mar'; $lang['datetime']['Apr'] = 'Apr'; $lang['datetime']['May'] = 'May'; $lang['datetime']['Jun'] = 'Jun'; $lang['datetime']['Jul'] = 'Jul'; $lang['datetime']['Aug'] = 'Aug'; $lang['datetime']['Sep'] = 'Sep'; $lang['datetime']['Oct'] = 'Oct'; $lang['datetime']['Nov'] = 'Nov'; $lang['datetime']['Dec'] = 'Dec'; // // Errors (not related to a // specific failure on a page) // $lang['Information'] = 'Information'; $lang['Critical_Information'] = 'Critical Information'; $lang['General_Error'] = 'General Error'; $lang['Critical_Error'] = 'Critical Error'; $lang['An_error_occured'] = 'An Error Occurred'; $lang['A_critical_error'] = 'A Critical Error Occurred'; // // Modified addons // $lang['2_Days'] = '2 Days'; $lang['3_Days'] = '3 Days'; $lang['4_Days'] = '4 Days'; $lang['5_Days'] = '5 Days'; $lang['6_Days'] = '6 Days'; $lang['left'] = 'left side'; $lang['center'] = 'center'; $lang['right'] = 'right side'; $lang['registered_have'] = 'We have'; $lang['registered_users'] = 'registered users'; $lang['users_write'] = 'Users write'; $lang['posts'] = 'posts'; $lang['topics'] = 'topics'; $lang['Search_new_unread'] = 'View unread posts'; $lang['Search_new'] = 'View posts since last visit'; $lang['Quick_register'] = 'Quick register'; $lang['visitors_txt'] = 'This board have totally'; $lang['visitors_txt2'] = 'visitors'; $lang['Sticky_topic'] = 'Sticky this topic'; $lang['Announce_topic'] = 'Announce this topic'; $lang['Normal_topic'] = 'Reset this topic to normal'; $lang['Sticky'] = 'Sticky'; $lang['Announce'] = 'Announcement'; $lang['Normalise'] = 'Normal'; $lang['Mark_topic_unread'] = 'Mark current topic unread'; $lang['Mark_topic_read'] = 'Mark current topic read'; $lang['Board_navigation'] = 'Board Navigation'; $lang['Statistics'] = 'Statistics'; $lang['Comments'] = 'Comments'; $lang['Read_Full'] = 'Read Full'; $lang['View_comments'] = 'View Comments'; $lang['Post_your_comment'] = 'Post your comment'; $lang['Welcome'] = 'Welcome'; $lang['Remember_me'] = 'Remember me'; $lang['Poll'] = 'Poll'; $lang['Login_to_vote'] = 'You must log in to vote'; $lang['Vote'] = 'Vote'; $lang['Who_is_Chatting'] = 'Who is Chatting'; $lang['bbcode_y_help'] = 'Font Center: [center]text[/center] (alt+y)'; $lang['bbcode_e_help'] = 'Fade text: [fade]some text[/fade] (alt+e)'; $lang['bbcode_k_help'] = 'Scrolling text: [scroll]text[/scroll] (alt+k)'; $lang['bbcode_s2_help'] = 'Shadow Color: [shadow=red]text[/shadow] Tip: this makes your text shadowed'; $lang['bbcode_g_help'] = 'Glow Color: [glow=red]text[/glow] Tip: this makes your text glow'; $lang['bbcode_h_help'] = 'Hide: [hide]message[/hide] (alt+h)'; $lang['Shadow_color'] = 'Shadow Color'; $lang['Glow_color'] = 'Glow Color'; $lang['write_link_text'] = 'Enter the text to be displayed for the link'; $lang['write_address'] = 'Enter the full URL for the link'; $lang['img_address'] = 'Enter the address to your image'; $lang['stream_address'] = 'Enter file address'; $lang['GG'] = 'Number Gadu-Gadu :: %s'; $lang['STAT_GG'] = 'User Gadu-gadu status'; $lang['GG_wait'] = 'Message waiting for receive.
Will be deliveret when user swich on Gadu-gadu
or user is on "invisible" status or "only for friends"'; $lang['GG_full'] = 'User mailbox its full! Cannot send message.'; $lang['GG_send'] = 'Message delivery to user'; $lang['GG_not_send'] = 'Message not delivert, try another one or refresh page'; $lang['How_Many_Chatters'] = 'There are %d user(s) on chat now'; $lang['Who_Are_Chatting'] = '%s'; $lang['Click_to_join_chat'] = 'Click to join chat'; $lang['ChatBox'] = 'ChatBox'; $lang['log_out_chat'] = 'You have successfully logged out from chat on '; $lang['Login_to_join_chat'] = 'Log in to join chat'; $lang['Last_visit'] = 'Last active'; $lang['Never'] = 'Never'; $lang['Sort_Last_visit'] = 'Date last active'; $lang['Page_loading_wait'] = 'Page Loading... please wait!'; $lang['Page_loading_stop'] = 'This page still doesn\'t show? Click Here<\/span>'; $lang['Quick_Reply'] = 'Quick Reply'; $lang['QuoteSelelected'] = 'Quote selected'; $lang['QuoteSelelectedEmpty'] = 'Select a text anywhere on a page and try again'; $lang['Quick_Reply_smilies'] = 'All emoticons'; $lang['No_birthday_specify'] = 'None Specified'; $lang['Age'] = 'Age'; $lang['Wrong_birthday_format'] = 'The birthday format was entered incorrectly.'; $lang['Birthday_greeting_today'] = 'We would like to wish you congratulatons on reaching %s years old today.

The Management';//%s is substituted with the users age $lang['Birthday_greeting_prev'] = 'We would like to give you a belated congratulatons for becoming %s years old on the %s.

The Management';//%s is substituted with the users age, and birthday $lang['Greeting_Messaging'] = 'Congratulations'; $lang['Birthday_today'] = 'Users with a birthday today:'; $lang['Birthday_week'] = 'Users with a birthday within the next %d days:'; $lang['Nobirthday_week'] = 'No users are having a birthday in the upcoming %d days'; $lang['Nobirthday_today'] = 'No users have a birthday today'; $lang['Year'] = 'Year'; $lang['Month'] = 'Month'; $lang['Day'] = 'Day'; $lang['send_congratulations'] = 'congratulations'; $lang['congratulations_send'] = 'Congratulations for this user has been sent.'; $lang['congratulations_send_no'] = 'Congratulations for this user earlier has been sent.'; $lang['l_whoisonline'] = 'View details'; $lang['new_topicsss'] = 'New topics:'; $lang['new_postsss'] = 'New posts:'; $lang['unread_topicsss'] = 'Unread topics:'; $lang['unread_postsss'] = 'Unread posts:'; $lang['Board_style'] = 'Board Style'; $lang['l_level'] = 'Level'; $lang['Ignore_list'] = 'Ignore Function'; $lang['Ignore_users'] = 'These Users are in your Ignore List'; $lang['Ignore_add'] = 'Add User to Ignore List'; $lang['Ignore_delete'] = 'Remove User from Ignore List'; $lang['Ignore_added'] = 'User added to Ignore List'; $lang['Ignore_deleted'] = 'User removed from Ignore List'; $lang['Ignore_submit'] = 'Ignore User'; $lang['Ignore_exists'] = 'User is Already on Ignore List'; $lang['Click_return_ignore'] = 'Click %sHERE%s to view the Ignore Page'; $lang['Ignore_user_warn'] = 'You cannot Ignore Yourself!!!'; $lang['Post_user_ignored'] = 'You have added this person to your Ignore List.'; $lang['Click_view_ignore'] = 'Click %sHERE%s to view this post.
'; $lang['Search_for'] = 'Search for'; $lang['cicq'] = 'ICQ'; $lang['Print_View'] = 'Printable version'; $lang['Wrong_reg_key'] = 'Wrong Validation'; $lang['Validation'] = 'Validation'; $lang['Msg_Icon_No_Icon'] = 'No'; $lang['messageicon'] = 'Topic icon'; $lang['postmsgicon'] = 'Topic/Message icon'; $lang['Topic_view_users'] = 'Who viewed this topic'; $lang['Topic_time'] = 'Last viewed'; $lang['Topic_count'] = 'View count'; $lang['Topic_global_announcement'] = 'Global Announcement:'; $lang['Post_global_announcement'] = 'Global Announcement'; $lang['Forum_not_exist'] = 'No such forum exists'; $lang['Enter_forum_password'] = 'Enter forum password'; $lang['Incorrect_forum_password'] = 'Incorrect forum password'; $lang['Only_alpha_num_chars'] = 'The password must be between 3-20 characters and can only contain alphanumeric characters (A-Z, a-z, 0-9).'; $lang['Album'] = 'Album'; $lang['Personal_Gallery_Of_User'] = 'Personal Gallery of %s'; $lang['l_whois'] = 'Whois'; $lang['Staff'] = 'Staff Site'; $lang['Admin'] = 'Administrator'; $lang['Junior'] = 'Junior Admin'; $lang['Period'] = 'since %d days'; $lang['Topic_bookmark'] = 'Add this topic to your bookmarks'; $lang['Day_users'] = 'Users last %s hours:'; $lang['post_expire'] = 'Post expire:'; $lang['topic_expire'] = 'Expire:'; $lang['expire_unlimit'] = 'Unlimit'; $lang['l_expire_p'] = 'Post/topic time expire'; $lang['Tree_width_topic'] = 'Topic tree deepness in pixels'; $lang['l_expire_p_e'] = 'Choose how long post/topic will be on the forum. After will be automatically deleted.'; $lang['expire_e'] = 'Set after how much days topic will be removed'; $lang['announce-stick'] = 'Stick topic - mark topic as announce or global announce'; $lang['Merge_post'] = 'Merge posts in this topic'; $lang['Merge_posts'] = 'Merge selected posts'; $lang['post_expire_q'] = 'Expire'; $lang['Password_not_complex'] = 'The specifyed password, does not confirm this sites complexity rules, you should verify that: the password '; $lang['Downloads2'] = 'Download'; $lang['See_all'] = 'See all files'; $lang['Ignore_mini'] = 'Ignore'; $lang['pm_mini'] = 'PM'; $lang['aim_mini'] = 'GG'; $lang['quote_mini'] = 'Quote'; $lang['edit_mini'] = 'Edit'; $lang['mini_reply'] = 'REPLY'; $lang['mini_newtopic'] = 'NEW TOPIC'; $lang['mini_locked'] = 'CLOSED'; $lang['too_long_word'] = 'Word too long'; $lang['login_to_shoutcast'] = 'You must be logged in to use shoutbox or sending messages is avaliable only for Administrators and Moderators'; $lang['sb_banned_send'] = 'You can\'t send messages'; $lang['banned_forum'] = 'You cannot write on this forum.'; $lang['edit_time_past'] = 'You\'re not allowed to edit your post. You have to edit your post within %d minutes, after you posted your message.'; $lang['This_closed_group'] = 'This is a closed group, %s'; $lang['This_hidden_group'] = 'This is a hidden group, %s'; $lang['No_more'] = 'no more users accepted'; $lang['No_add_allowed'] = 'automatic user addition is not allowed'; $lang['Join_auto'] = 'You may join this group, since your post count meet the group criteria'; $lang['Permissions'] = 'Permissions'; $lang['quote_image'] = 'Image'; $lang['Gender'] = 'Gender'; $lang['Male'] = 'Male'; $lang['Female'] = 'Female'; $lang['No_gender_specify'] = 'I dont know :)'; $lang['not_gg_account'] = 'Not number or password for GG gate. Contact with administrator'; $lang['not_gg_addresat'] = 'Recipient is empty'; $lang['wrong_gg_addresat'] = 'Bad format recipient number'; $lang['not_gg_msg'] = 'Message is empty'; $lang['gg_too_long'] = 'Message too long, max chars is: 1800'; $lang['topic_expire_mod'] = 'Expire after: '; $lang['Forum_link_visited'] = 'This link has been visited %d times'; $lang['Redirect'] = 'Redirect'; $lang['Never'] = 'Never'; $lang['login_require'] = 'Access to this part of forum require logged in.'; $lang['login_require_register'] = 'If you not registered, click %sHere%s to register.'; $lang['Click_return_custom_sending'] = 'Click %sHere%s to return to the send congratulations'; $lang['choose_congratulations_format'] = 'Choose congratulations format:'; $lang['congratulations_format_standart'] = 'Standart'; $lang['congratulations_format_standart_e'] = 'Sending after click'; $lang['congratulations_format_custom'] = 'Your own message'; $lang['congratulations_format_custom_e'] = 'You can write your own congratulations'; $lang['generate_time'] = 'Page generated in'; $lang['second'] = 'second'; $lang['seconds'] = 'seconds'; $lang['Warnings'] = 'Reprimand users'; $lang['Warnings_viewtopic'] = 'Reprimends'; $lang['warnings_banned_info'] = 'You are banned !

You have: %s warnings with value: %s. Max. value is: %s

Last warning: %s
Reason: %s'; $lang['disallow_posting'] = 'You exceed warnings limit. You can not posting new posts and topics.

Click %sHERE%s to view warnings page.'; $lang['warnings_lastwar_info'] = 'You get new warning !

Click %sHERE%s to see it.'; $lang['support'] = '

If you can not fix this problem,
you can find help, or ask question at:'; $lang['poster_posts'] = 'You posted in this topic'; $lang['Sort_per_letter'] = 'Show only usernames starting with'; $lang['Others'] = 'others'; $lang['All'] = 'all'; $lang['ignore_topic_added'] = 'Selected topic/s added to your ignore list.
Don`t will be display in the unread topic list (or topics since last visit)

Click %sHERE%s to view your topics ignore list.

Click %sHERE%s to return index.'; $lang['ignore_topic_unignored'] = 'Selected topic/s removed from your list.

Click %sHERE%s to see your ignore list.

Click %sHERE%s to back.'; $lang['ignore_mark'] = 'Ignore selected topics'; $lang['ignore_topics'] = 'Ignored topics'; $lang['list_ignore'] = 'Your list ignored topics'; $lang['list_ignore_e'] = 'Topic with no reply from last 3 months are automatically removed from list'; $lang['ignore_list_empty'] = 'Your ignore topics list is empty.

Click %sHERE%s to return index'; $lang['ignore_topic'] = 'Ignore this topic'; $lang['current_topic_ignore'] = 'You ignored this topic'; $lang['bbcode_ct_help'] = 'Topic color, showing on view forum'; $lang['topic_color'] = 'Topic color'; $lang['15_min'] = '15 min'; $lang['30_min'] = '30 min'; $lang['1_Hour'] = '1 Hour'; $lang['2_Hour'] = '2 Hours'; $lang['6_Hour'] = '6 Hours'; $lang['12_Hour'] = '12 Hours'; $lang['icons'] = 'All post/topic icons'; $lang['your_posts'] = 'your posts'; $lang['replys_last_post'] = 'replies since your last post'; $lang['unread_posts'] = 'unread posts'; $lang['not_poster_post'] = 'You don`t posting this topic'; $lang['lang_q_quote_e'] = 'You can quote selected words. Mark words to quote and click here. You can quote more times'; $lang['ignore_topic_submit_e'] = 'It add topics to your ignore list. Topics not will be show in the list topics and search results'; $lang['data'] = 'The Administrator violate the forum script phpBB modified by Przemo using rules.
Forum was block !

E-mail to: for more information'; $lang['more_topicicons'] = 'You can choose more icons. If you click here it open new window with more icons'; $lang['online_minutes'] = 'Minutes online: %s'; $lang['online_hours'] = 'Hours online: %s'; $lang['Viewing_topic'] = 'View topic'; $lang['gg_header_info_pm'] = 'Otrzymałes nowa prywatna wiadomosc od: %s'; $lang['gg_notify_topic'] = 'In your topic: "%s" user: %s post reply'; $lang['l_notify_gg_privmsg'] = 'Link to your private message inbox: %s'; $lang['l_notify_gg_topic'] = 'To view topic click: %s'; $lang['generate_queries'] = 'SQL queries'; $lang['unread_post'] = 'Unread post'; $lang['refresh'] = 'Refresh'; $lang['new_board_topic'] = 'On the forum %s user %s post new topic: %s'; $lang['new_board_post'] = 'On the forum %s user %s post reply in topic: %s'; $lang['Search_post_time'] = 'Show posts last:

It shows posted posts before choosing time. You can set shows method Topics and Posts'; $lang['user_not_allowpm'] = 'You can not send private message to this user because he has disabled private messaging'; $lang['open_all_new_window'] = 'Open all links in new windows'; $lang['s_email_friend'] = 'Notify friend about this topic'; $lang['s_email_friend_f_name'] = 'Friend name:'; $lang['s_email_friend_f_email'] = 'Friend email:'; $lang['s_email_friend_title'] = '%s just look this thread: %s'; $lang['s_email_friend_message'] = 'I read %s on the %s You must see it! Here is a link: %s'; $lang['mstr'] = 'Automatic repair table'; $lang['rrtf'] = "The table %s is damage, attempt to auto repair failed:\n%s\n%s\nTry repair manually, execute query: REPAIR TABLE %s"; $lang['rrts'] = "The table %s was damage, attempt to auto repair propably successfull:\n%s\n If not try repair manually, execute query REPAIR TABLE %s"; $lang['rrsum'] = 'Occured fine error, the script was attempt to repair and notice board administrator.'; $lang['Report_no_access'] = 'You haven\'t the permission to use this function of the report post hack!'; $lang['Report_disabled'] = 'Posts of this user can\'t be reported.'; $lang['Report_post_already_reported'] = 'This post is already reported'; $lang['Report_post_self'] = 'You can\'t report your own post.'; $lang['Report_already_removed'] = 'This report is already removed.'; $lang['Report_no_posts'] = 'No (additional) reported posts!'; $lang['Report_no_title'] = 'No title'; $lang['Reporter'] = 'Reporter'; $lang['Report_posts'] = 'Reported posts'; $lang['Report_popup_text'] = 'Follow posts has been reported:'; $lang['Report_deleted'] = 'Report removed.'; $lang['Report_post_reported'] = 'Report submitted. Thank you.'; $lang['Report_post'] = 'Report this post to Moderator/Admin.'; $lang['Report_del'] = 'Remove report.'; $lang['Report_no_popup'] = 'Open report popup on new reports'; $lang['Report_no_mail'] = 'Notify per email if someone report a post'; $lang['Report_reload_window'] = 'Reload window'; $lang['Report_no_auth'] = 'You can\'t report posts because you aren\'t logged in or this function is locked for you.'; $lang['Report_open_popup'] = 'Open report popup'; $lang['Report_list'] = 'Report list'; $lang['added'] = 'Added'; $lang['Voted_show'] = 'Voted : '; // it means : users that voted (the number of voters will follow) $lang['Results_after'] = 'Results will be visible after the poll expires'; $lang['Poll_expires'] = 'Poll expires in : '; $lang['Minutes'] = 'Minutes'; $lang['Max_vote'] = 'Maximum selections'; $lang['Max_vote_explain'] = '[ Enter 1 or leave blank to allow only one selection ]'; $lang['Max_voting_1_explain'] = 'Please select only '; $lang['Max_voting_2_explain'] = ' answers'; $lang['Max_voting_3_explain'] = ' (selections above limit will be ignored)'; $lang['Vhide'] = 'Hide'; $lang['Hide_vote'] = 'Results'; $lang['Tothide_vote'] = 'Sum of votes'; $lang['Hide_vote_explain'] = ' [ Hide until poll expires ]'; $lang['rname'] = 'Quick register'; $lang['helped_confirm'] = 'If you are this topic author and this reply help you, you can add one HELPED point for this user

Click %sHERE%s to add point, or click %sHERE%s to cancel and return topic'; $lang['helped_delete_confirm'] = 'Are you sure to delete point helped for this post ?

Click %sHERE%s to remove point, or %sHERE%s to return'; $lang['helped_added'] = 'Helped point added.
Click %sHERE%s to return.'; $lang['He_helped'] = 'If this post help you, click to add point for this user'; $lang['He_helped_delete'] = 'Remove point \'helped\' for this post'; $lang['help_1'] = ''; $lang['help_more'] = ' times'; $lang['postrow_help'] = 'Helped: '; $lang['postrow_help_she'] = 'Helped: '; $lang['helped'] = 'Helped'; $lang['Joined_she'] = 'Joined'; $lang['that_same_msg'] = 'You can not post twice that same messages !'; $lang['Total_vots'] = 'Votes'; $lang['Seeker'] = 'Search users'; $lang['No_split_post'] = 'No split this message'; $lang['too_many_voting'] = 'Max voting is: %s for this pool, but you mark: %s.
Vote has not added, go back and vote one more time.'; $lang['failed_sending_email'] = 'Failed sending email
Maybe wrong e-mail address was hand, otherwise Admin should check email setting or disable sending email by forum.'; $lang['notify_message'] = 'Your %s which you write on: %s, was delete by Administrator or Moderator%s'; $lang['your_post'] = 'Your post:'; $lang['Reason'] = 'Reason'; $lang['subject_notify_delete'] = 'Your %s was delete'; $lang['topic_link'] = "\n\rTopic link: %s"; $lang['forum_service'] = 'Forum service'; $lang['confirm_report_post'] = 'Are you sure you want to report this post to the Moderator and Administrator?'; $lang['Accept'] = 'Accept'; $lang['Reject'] = 'Reject'; $lang['Accept-reject'] = 'Accept/Reject choosed'; $lang['Post_no_approved'] = 'Waitung for accept'; $lang['Loser_protect'] = 'ATTENTION! You trying to reply on the %s page of topic, topic contain %s pages. Read first all topic before reply !!!

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